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Fishing associations in Denmark.

Bramming Lystfiskerforening.                   Brede å Lystfiskerforening.                       Grindsted Sportsfiskerforening.

Ribe Sportsfiskerforening.                         Skjernådalens Lystfiskerforening.            Sydvestjydsk Sportsfiskerforening.

Sønderjysk Sportsfiskerforening.             Varde Sportsfiskerforening.                       Vejen og Omegns Sportsfiskerforening.

Vejle Sportsfiskerforening.                        aabenraa-sportsfiskerforening.


Practical information.

The Danish Anglers' Association.                                   Danish fish species.                               Fish catches in Denmark.

Fishing newspaper.                                                                 Fishing tips.                                             Fishing Licence.

Danish law on knives and edged weapons.                    Angler's Forum.                                Put & Take lakes in Denmark.


If your association or anything else is not listet on this pages, please send us an email at

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