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Powder Paint - White - 80gr

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Powder Paint - White - 80gr

An environmentally friendly powder paint which is fantastic and incredibly easy to use and it gives an extremely durable finish with a unique application process intended for all types of metal. The powder paint is cured by a heat cycle. Basic procedure is to dip the heated item in the powder. The heat causes a thin layer of powder to adhere to the workpiece and flow in as a smooth and extremely hard coating. A coat of powder paint gives the item complete coverage without the need for white primer or base coat. It's that simple!

Powder Paint White 80gr:
* Super high gloss.
* No drying time.
* Non-flammable.
* Environmentally friendly.
* No smoke or smelly fumes.

The Heat & Dip method: Hold the item with pliers, heat it with a heat gun (works best), or over an open fire for about 5-10 seconds. Dip and then swipe the item through the powder paint for about 4-6 seconds.If necessary, knock off excess powder on the edge of the bottle. If the item seems a little powdered and dry, increases the preheating time. The subject is dry in just a moment. Always remember to shake the bottle with the powder paint before use, also between paints, as the powder will set and pack a little over time. With this type of powder paint, it is also possible to make 2 colored items. Dip the item in the first color, then reheat the item for a few seconds to even out the paint and then dip the item in the second color.

Fluid bed method: If you plan to paint a lot of items regularly, it is recommended to use a fluid bed. A fluid bed allows powder paint to be suspended in air to approximately twice its normal volume inside the unit’s interchangeable cup. By "fluidizing" the powder, the quality and control of the paint application is significantly improved compared to trying to dip in stationary powder. With a thinner layer, there is less chance of drips forming during the final curing. In other words, the powder paint will look and feel like water at a slight boiling point, making it easier to dip heated items into the paint and give a thinner, more even layer of paint.

The airbrush method: Heat the item and spray with an airbrush gun and create amazing effects such as lines, patterns, splashes, two-tone, etc.
Quickly and easily paint one or two side of items you want painted. Apply even amazing glitter.

For maximum durability, then hang the item in an oven for about 10 to 15 minutes at (180 ° C) to cure to a rock hard and super high gloss finish.

The technique of using powder coating can take a few tries to achieve the desired finish.
But with a little practice, you will save time and money while creating a product of the highest quality.

Please note: The final color of some of the powder coatings does not look like the color in the bottle.
As the heat curing process causes it to change color to the appropriate final color.
Always store the powder paint below 28 ° C!

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