Here you will find our large selection of fishing spinners and spinnerbait.
We have spinners and spinnerbait for all kinds of fishing, river,  put´n´take or coast fishing
Our various fishing spinner and spinnerbait represent a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes.

Lukris MINI Spinner

Lukris MINI Spinners is tiny with fast (action) spinner blade. Lukris MINI spinn..

19.95 Dkk

Holo Reflex SNIPER Spinner

HS SNIPER is a fantastic spinner that is suitable for the perch, pike and salmon..

11.95 Dkk

Holo Reflex URAN Spinner

HR Uran Spinner with Mepps Aglia type of blade and fluorescent bead. An excellen..

11.95 Dkk

Holo Reflex ATUS Spinner

HR ATUS Spinner with Mepps Comet Aglia type of blade and fluorescent bead. An ex..

11.95 Dkk

Holo Reflex SWING Spinner

HR SWING Spinner with long shape blades and classic body with fluo bead. Super q..

11.95 Dkk

Holo Reflex Double blade spinner

HR Double blade Spinner with red beads. A quality spinner for predators such as ..

15.00 Dkk


HR ROTUS MINNOW Spinner with a softbait fish. A quality spinner for predators su..

19.95 Dkk

Lukris ASON Spinner

Lukris ASON Spinner with long shape blades and classic weighted tiny body. A sup..

35.95 Dkk

Holo Select TAMIR Spinner

HS TAMIR Spinner with fluorescent bead is an effective all-round spinner with a ..

30.00 Dkk

Holo Select SAMUM Spinner

HS SAMUM Spinner with red hackles, fluorescent bead and a long shape blades that..

30.00 Dkk

Holo Select GARON Spinner

HS GARON Spinner with long shape spinner blades and fluorescent bead. A super su..

28.00 Dkk

Lukris REDER Spinner

Lukris REDER Spinner with classic design it is a fantastic all-round spinner tha..

21.95 Dkk

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Our Recommended Products

Styrofoam Floats Red/White

Styrofoam floats has been used by most anglers for many years.  This ..

5.00 Dkk

3-Way Barrel Swivels - 10 pcs/pk

3-way barrel swivels with high breaking strain, plated in black nickel..

14.95 Dkk

Turtle shaped 12 compartment Fishing Tackle Box

Turtle shaped 12 compartment fishing tackle box for storing e.g. hooks..

25.00 Dkk

Sumato Premium Treble Hook BR 20 pcs/pk

Sumato Premium Treble Hook is made by japan technology. Chemically sha..

35.00 Dkk

Double-Sided Lure Box 13 compartment - 19x11x5cm

Double-Sided Lure Box with 13 compartmenet ( 4 + 4 small Horizontal / ..

35.00 Dkk

Herring Rig Holographic Tinsel

Classic Herring Rig. Fitted with holographic flash and tinsel, 5 saltw..

13.95 Dkk

Double-Sided Fly Box Slit Foam

Waterproof Double-Sided Fly Box with transparent plastic cover resista..

79.95 Dkk

Kinetic Sabiki Flounder Rig 40 gr

A classic flounder rig with chemical sharpened hooks and white beads. ..

12.00 Dkk

Nylon Coated Wire Traces 3 pcs/pk

Nylon Coated Steel trace, is a soft trace with a solid duo-lock snap a..

9.95 Dkk

Belt Bait Worm Box

A smart and easily transportable fishing belt bait worm box. This bel..

19.95 Dkk

New Arrivals

Stainless Steel Sinker Eye "Small" - 100 pcs/pk

Stainless Steel sinker eyes are inserted into many different models of..

44.95 Dkk

Kinetic Youngster CC 4´ XL Pink

An affordable, well-designed children's spincast combo from Kinetic in..

299.95 Dkk

Little Viking Crab Fishing Rod

Little viking crab fishing rod is a nice little rod for children who l..

49.00 Dkk

Kinetic Trickster P&T 7 gr - 5 pcs/pk

Kinetic Trickster P&T lures is a fantastic set with different color va..

99.95 Dkk

Kinetic Delta Mix - 5 pcs/pk

Kinetic Delta mix. Set of 5 colorful and sparkling coastal lure with 3..

99.95 Dkk

Kinetic Jebo Herring Classic 18 gr - 5 pcs/pk

Kinetic Jebo Herring Classic 18 gr. Set of 5 colorful Herring imitatio..

99.95 Dkk

Kinetic Buzzer 6 gr - 5 pcs/pk

Kinetic Buzzer 6 gr spinner set is a fantastic set with different colo..

89.95 Dkk

Kinetic Catchy 9 gr - 5 pcs/pk

Kinetic Catchy 9 gr. Set of 5 colorful fish imitations with spinner bl..

99.95 Dkk

Stainless Steel Sinker Eye Gr.3 - 100 pcs/pk

Stainless Steel sinker eyes are inserted into many different models of..

69.95 Dkk

Monolith Feeder Mono Line - 150m

The Japanese MONOLITH line. Is made using the latest technology, which..

25.00 Dkk

Monolith Spinning Mono Line - 150m

The Japanese MONOLITH line. Is made using the latest technology, which..

25.00 Dkk

Monolith Premium Mono Line - 25m

The Japanese MONOLITH line. Is made using the latest technology, which..

15.95 Dkk