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General information

General information:
v/ kim bjørnskov
Vat nr. 27632351
Bygaden 44
6740 Bramming
Phone: +45 27 82 85 47
At KB-Sportsfishing we have fishing gear for all types of angling, and we are specialists in fishing gear for put n take fishing, coast fishing, river fishing, carp fishing, sea and fly fishing.
Here you can buy fishing tackle and fishing gear online at our user-friendly webstore
You are also welcome to visit our physical store and get help and advice for your choice of fishing tackle.
The physical store is located just a few hundred meters from sneum river in Endrup v / Bramming.
Our team are even anglers with many years of experience, which means we can advise and guide you, a good thing more is that our team also test the products before giving approval for the product series to be for sale.
KB-Sportsfishing's vision is quite simple:

  1) Customers must be able to buy cheap quality fishing tackle and attractive offers.
  2) It should be possible for anyone to order products directly from the webshop.
  3) There must be something for every angler.
  4) 100% Service (Guidance & Advice) in both the webshop and the store.
  5) All customers must be satisfied.
We are therefore also trying to make our range even greater for the benefit of our customers. If you think we are missing something in the shop, please feel free to contact us.
At KB-Sportsfishing we have many customers from other countries, this is not a problem as we speak both Danish and English.
We look forward to welcoming you at or at the store in Endrup v / Bramming.
Best Regards
                                KB-Sportsfishing Team                                                          

Our Recommended Products

Double-Sided Lure Box 13 compartment - 19x11x5cm

Double-Sided Lure Box with 13 compartmenet ( 4 + 4 small Horizontal / ..

35.00 Dkk

Lead Ladle 500gr

Luxury lead ladle made of stainless steel for use in casting, skimming..

169.95 Dkk

Hexagonal Bomb Sinker Mold 70 - 100gr

This aluminum mold produces 4 hexagonal bomb distance in different wei..

269.95 Dkk

Powder Paint - Blue - 80gr

An environmentally friendly powder paint which is fantastic and incred..

69.95 Dkk

Sumato Premium Treble Hook BR 20 pcs/pk

Sumato Premium Treble Hook is made by japan technology. Chemically sha..

29.95 Dkk 35.00 Dkk

Petrobond Casting Sand 1000gr

Petrobond and fine-grained casting sand is heat-resistant up to 1200 °..

65.00 Dkk

Herring Pirk Sinker Mold 120 - 150gr

This aluminum mold produces 2 different weight classes of herring pirk..

239.95 Dkk

Powder Paint - Yellow - 80gr

An environmentally friendly powder paint which is fantastic and incred..

69.95 Dkk

Mold Casting Frame of plastic -130x55x25 mm

Mold casting frame made of plastic. 130 x 55 x 25 mm Ideal for castin..

20.00 Dkk

Graphite Powder 10gr

Graphite powder is very resistant to high temperature and makes it pos..

25.00 Dkk

DIY Craft Sticks / Stirring Sticks Wide 10 pcs

DIY Craft Sticks / Stirring Sticks made of natural birch wood can be u..

15.00 Dkk

3D Fish Eyes Self Adhesive Red 6 mm

Behr´s 3D fish eyes self adhesive is great choice to make your lures a..

25.00 Dkk

Talcum Powder 50gr

Talcum powder makes it possible to separate the molded item from casti..

34.95 Dkk

Powder Paint - Glow (Luminous) - 80gr

An environmentally friendly Luminous powder paint. Where the phophor p..

149.95 Dkk

Artestone Casting Powder 1kg

Artestone is a kind of high quality ceramic powder that mixes with wat..

149.95 Dkk

Fluid Bed - Small

Fluid Beds are the most popular method for precise powder painting/coa..

229.95 Dkk

Powder Paint - Camouflage Green (Coarse-grained) - 80gr

An environmentally friendly coarse-grained camouflage green powder pai..

89.95 Dkk