It all began with a hungry Finnish guy and a carving knife. It was the 1930s when a simple fisherman made an observation of simple genius: Big fish eat little fish, especially little fish that are wounded. So begins the greatest fishing story ever told. As Lauri Rapala fished the waters of Finland’s Lake Paijanne, he quietly rowed and watched. And what he saw was how hungry predator fish would dart into a school of minnows and attack the one that swam with a slightly off-center wobble. Over and over again. Lauri realized that if he could craft a lure that mimicked the movements of a wounded minnow, he could catch more fish, earn more money, and not spend time constantly change bait. So Lauri set to work. He whittled. Carved. And shaved. Eventually a lure began to take shape. Using a shoemaker’s knife and some sandpaper, he created his first successful lure from cork in 1936. Tinfoil from chocolate bars formed the minnow wobbler outer surface. Melted photographic negatives the protective coating. But most importantly, it perfectly imitated the action of a wounded minnow wobbler. Legend has it that Lauri sometimes caught 300 kilo of fish a day with that new minnow wobbler. And as word of his abundant catches spread, the lure’s reputation grew. The rest, as they say, is history. That first minnow wobbler was the forefather to the wobblers that has helped more fishermen experience the thrill of more big fish than any other. The legendary Original Floating Rapala wobbler. There’s a reason more fishermen around the world put their faith in Rapala. It’s a confidence that stretches through 140 countries and is validated each year by the 20 million Rapala lures sold. Simply put, Rapala products make better fishermen. Carefully crafted from years of experience. A legacy that continues with new Rapala offerings of more lures, new actions, new sizes, new colors, new finishes, new tools, new accessories and new ways of catching more fish. Today, Rapala is not just wobblers, far from it! The Finnish company also produces clothes, bags, lines and many other exciting accessories for the angler.  

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