Plastica Panaro is an international company, a world-leading producer and globally recognized exporter. The company are known for high quality of products and vast knowledge of plastic molding processes, which have been accrued over 50 years. The company, which is based in Italy, was founded in 1962 as a small family workshop and started off just producing tackle boxes and plastic case solutions. It then evolved throughout the years and has continuously expanded its product range. Now Plastica Panaro is a full service company, offering design, development and manufacturing services. Platica Panaro are able to create hundreds of innovative solutions for hardware, packaging, equestrianism, fishing and thermoforming markets. Plastica Panaro been developing plastic solutions to carry, organize and protect customer’s gear for over 50 years. There mission has always been to provide innovative products at an affordable price, while never compromising quality or service. They have always been environmentally conscious and as a result have continuously invested in green technologies, systems and procedures in order to minimize there environmental impact.  

Belt Bait Worm Box

A smart and easily transportable fishing belt bait worm box. This bel..

19.95 Dkk

Worm Bait Box

Round worm bait box of plastic, which does not fill much in a fishing ..

14.95 Dkk

Bait Box with lid click

A great bait box with lid click made of plastic. Does not fill much in..

15.00 Dkk

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