Fairpoint Outdoors A/S is a developer and manufacturer of sportsfishing equipment. 
In addition to our own brands; Westin, Kinetic, Unique Flies and Move Mountains, we are proud to be the exclusive distributor of Sage, Rio and Redington in Scandinavia.
Fairpoint Outdoors A/S was founded in 2003 by partners; Jens Buhl Jørgensen, Thomas Petersen Eldor and Thomas Jespersen. All of the 3 founders are still working full time in the company.
Today, the company covers a broad range of sportsfishing tackle, mostly developed and manufactured by ourselves. Fairpoint Outdoors A/S employs more than 35 people in our headquarters in Denmark, and we furthermore have 25 experienced salesmen across Europe, as well as sales in Australia and the US.

Kinetic Fishing Tackle.
When it comes to producing fishing tackle it’s all about making dreams come true. This is why Kinetic is designed and developed by dedicated anglers who know what it takes to be successful in all kinds of situations. "Our aim at Kinetic is to put all our knowledge into the products we make. This way we can be sure that Kinetic products will help you catch more and bigger fish."
No compromises have been made regarding the design, materials, components and craftsmanship used for the Kinetic range. Still the price level is crucial and easily wipes away the competition. Kinetic offers a full selection of fantastic fishing products, ideally suited for the new comer to the sport.  Each product is based on the high values, quality demands and expertise known from the market leading Kinetic products. When glancing over the Kinetic range, durability and high performance is what comes to mind - we hope you’ll enjoy!

Kinetic Youngster CC 4´ XL Pink

An affordable, well-designed children's spincast combo from Kinetic in..

299.95 Dkk

Kinetic Catchy 9 gr - 5 pcs/pk

Kinetic Catchy 9 gr. Set of 5 colorful fish imitations with spinner bl..

99.95 Dkk

Kinetic Buzzer 6 gr - 5 pcs/pk

Kinetic Buzzer 6 gr spinner set is a fantastic set with different colo..

39.95 Dkk 89.95 Dkk

Little Viking Crab Fishing Rod

Little viking crab fishing rod is a nice little rod for children who l..

49.00 Dkk

Kinetic Sabiki Flounder Rig 40 gr

A classic flounder rig with chemical sharpened hooks and white beads. ..

12.00 Dkk

Kinetic Sabiki Flounder Rig 60 gr

A classic flounder rig with chemical sharpened hooks and white beads. ..

12.00 Dkk

Kinetic Trickster P&T 7 gr - 5 pcs/pk

Kinetic Trickster P&T lures is a fantastic set with different color va..

99.95 Dkk

Kinetic Jebo Herring Classic 18 gr - 5 pcs/pk

Kinetic Jebo Herring Classic 18 gr. Set of 5 colorful Herring imitatio..

39.95 Dkk 99.95 Dkk

Kinetic Delta Mix - 5 pcs/pk

Kinetic Delta mix. Set of 5 colorful and sparkling coastal lure with 3..

39.95 Dkk 99.95 Dkk

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