Double-Sided Lure Box 20-44 compartment - 29x20x7cm

Double-Sided Lure Box with 20 compartmenet and 12 double compartment d..

69.95 Dkk

Accesories box 10 compartment

Accesories box with 10 compartment for storing e.g. hooks, swivels, sp..

14.95 Dkk

Artestone Casting Powder 1kg

Artestone is a kind of high quality ceramic powder that mixes with wat..

149.95 Dkk

Baitholder Hooks "curved hook bend" - 10 pcs/pk

Super sharp Baitholder/worm hooks with barbs on the shank as well as a..

9.95 Dkk

Double Hooks - 10 pcs/pk

Strong and sharp Hi Carbon double hooks in black nickle finish (NSB). ..

14.95 Dkk

Nylon Coated Wire Traces 3 pcs/pk

Nylon Coated Steel trace, is a soft trace with a solid duo-lock snap a..

9.95 Dkk

Styrofoam Floats Red/White

Styrofoam floats has been used by most anglers for many years.  This ..

5.00 Dkk

Swirl Tail Grub 2" - Softbait 25 pcs/pk

Swirl Tail Grub 2" are the most popular softbait lure for put n take t..

39.95 Dkk

Telescopic V-Shape Rod Holder 65-105cm

Telescopic rod holder in aluminum with V-shaped top of plastic and iro..

35.00 Dkk

Tin Ingot Bar 99,9% Pure - 200gr

Tin ingot bar 99,9% pure, lead free 200gr. For casting of fishing tack..

200.00 Dkk

Baitholder Hooks "down eye" - 10 pcs/pk

Super sharp Baitholder/worm hooks with turned down eye and barbs on th..

9.95 Dkk

Double Hooks "Long model" - 10 pcs/pk

Strong and sharp Hi Carbon double hooks “Long model” plated with black..

19.95 Dkk

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