Double-Sided Lure Box 20-44 compartment - 29x20x7cm

Double-Sided Lure Box with 20 compartmenet and 12 double compartment d..

69.95 Dkk

Artestone Casting Powder 1kg

Artestone is a kind of high quality ceramic powder that mixes with wat..

149.95 Dkk

Fluid Bed - Small

Fluid Beds are the most popular method for precise powder painting/coa..

229.95 Dkk

Nylon Coated Wire Traces 3 pcs/pk

Nylon Coated Steel trace, is a soft trace with a solid duo-lock snap a..

9.95 Dkk

Powder Paint - Sandbrown - 80gr

An environmentally friendly powder paint which is fantastic and incred..

69.95 Dkk

Styrofoam Floats Red/White

Styrofoam floats has been used by most anglers for many years.  This ..

5.00 Dkk

Telescopic V-Shape Rod Holder 65-105cm

Telescopic rod holder in aluminum with V-shaped top of plastic and iro..

35.00 Dkk

Tin Ingot Bar 99,9% Pure - 200gr

Tin ingot bar 99,9% pure, lead free 200gr. For casting of fishing tack..

179.95 Dkk

Wax Moulding Dough - 50gr

High quality wax moulding dough with genuine beeswax does not run and ..

25.00 Dkk

Fluid Bed Cup " Fits Fluid Bed - Small"

Fluid Bed Cup ø 55 mm / Usable high about 80 mm, and can contain about..

69.95 Dkk

Lure Box 3-13 compartment - 20x15x4cm

Horizontal lure box with 3 large compartments and 10 compartment divid..

30.00 Dkk 35.00 Dkk

Mold Casting Frame of plastic -130x55x25 mm

Mold casting frame made of plastic. 130 x 55 x 25 mm Ideal for castin..

20.00 Dkk

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