Eagle Claw

In 1938, the Wright & McGill Co. officially registered Eagle Claw as a company trademark and Wright & McGill Co. continued to expand, producing a line of flies, fishing lures, and the Eagle Claw fishhooks. Eagle Claw fishhooks were in high demand and Wright and McGill knew that they had to find a way to produce the Eagle Claw fishhooks more efficiently, which lead to the development of machinery to create the fishhook products. Over the next several years, the company would break new ground in developing one-of-a-kind fishhook machines. As production of Eagle Claw fishhooks ramped up the company refused to lower their standards and vowed to make service and quality a part of the company’s everyday operation. By 1948, the Wright & McGill Co. owned and operated the world’s only automatic hook-making machines. The new machines barbed, shaped, eyed, and pointed the famed Eagle Claw hooks in one operation. The Wright & McGill Co. soon produced thousands of hooks per day on the new equipment. In 1985 Eagle Claw introduced the Lazer Sharp line of fishhooks. These hooks are ultra-sharp, smooth, and strong. Over the years the process of creating these hooks has been improved and perfected giving anglers a fishhook that is consistently sharp and strong. Lazer TroKar was introduced by the company in 2009, and was touted as the world's first fishhook created with Surgically Sharpened Technology®. Created with technology out of the medical supply field, Lazer TroKar quickly garnered the recognition as being the sharpest fishhook in the world. Today Wright & McGill Eagle Claw is considered the most innovative fishhook company in the world and is the only fishhook manufacturer in the U.S.A. We’re proud of our 90-year heritage yet are simultaneously constantly on the lookout for the next best thing, ways to improve our product, and how to meet the needs of anglers all over the world.  

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