Suppliers of Components for Handcrafting Fishing Tackle.
For 55 years, Do-it has been making molds for fishing tackle. In the beginning, they had one goal. they simply wanted to provide customers with the best tackle making products on the market. 
They have held themselves to higher standards and along the way established themselves as the industry leader in quality, service and innovation. Those basic fundamentals are still at the core of everything they do today. Fishing Jig: When it comes to molds, do-it have the broadest product offering in the world. They have close to 700 jig, sinker and lure molds. Whether you are in search of 1/100oz jig for small trout or need a 15lb downrigger for trolling offshore, do-it have what you need. The family of soft plastic molds grows monthly and provides for some of the most unique and effective baits on the market. Every single mold that leaves there facility is hand poured and tested to assure it meets do-it rigid quality standards. Every new mold goes through an extensive design process that is rigorous and demanding. Most products take 15 or more iterations to meet do-it demands. Rest assured that the lures that come out of there molds have been reviewed and analyzed by today’s top elite tournament anglers and extensive group of pro-staff members. If they like it, they believe you will too. Along with Molds, do-it work with partners in there industry to design, produce and ultimately distribute the highest quality finishing materials in the industry. Whether its wire inserts, paint, silicone skirts, buck tail, melting equipment or there custom designed soft plastics formulas, do-it only carry those products that they believe are the highest quality and meet there own standards. If they don’t see the level of quality they are looking for in a product, they won’t want to fish with it and neither will you.   

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